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Ottawa, as the capital of Canada, is not only the headquarters for the federal government but also the main office for a number of important national organizations.

To have a progressive Canada, everyone needs to live in dignity with their basic needs assured. It is critical, therefore, to convince governments of the urgency of a national livable Basic Income for those of us in Canada living below the poverty line. To be successful, this program requires collaboration between the federal/provincial/territorial/municipal levels of government.

Ottawa Basic Income Guarantee focuses on advocacy in Ottawa. We are proud members of the Ontario Basic Income Network (OBIN), and partners with Basic Income Canada Youth Network (BIYCN), Basic Income Canada Network (BICN) and Coalition Canada.

The myths circulate:  “People are lazy and won’t work if they have a Basic Income.” “It is too expensive and we can’t afford it.”  However, evidence from experiments in Canada and around the world have shown the myths to be false.  In fact, where people have the economic freedom to make choices and plan for their future, involvement in work and in the community increases. On the other hand, the lack of income security creates mental stress on individuals and families, resulting in a significant burden on our health, justice, welfare and related social services systems. Morally, we must not accept poverty; economically, we cannot afford it any longer.

Please become involved in our movement and help us advocate for a Basic Income Guarantee that is urgently needed now, affordable, effective and essential for a better future.

To get involved, please contact: Joe Foster, Wil Robertson, Lynn Sherwood, or Margaret Cooper.

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